Who are we?


GO GREEN TOUR is cooperation between several parties, local fishermen, tour guides, local government, national park and some direct foreign investors.


Our overall goal is to provide a high quality service to the visitors of Karimun Java and at the same time educate our customers in the use of the wonderful ocean and marine national park.


We believe that our beautiful nature is to be experienced by as many people as possible and for them to learn to respect nature at the same time.


GO GREEN TOUR is very strict about not polluting the marine environment or touching the coral reefs. Besides this, we do daily cleaning of the coral reefs and our waterways as part of our duty. We collect "trash" if we find it on our way or on the reef.


This advocacy ensures the preservation of our beautiful reef and healthy marine environment for our children.


Karimun Java



- This is one of the last "innocent" places in the world, come and help us preserve it.

Clean the reef day


On 29 July 2016 we had "Clean the reef day", the activity was supported by both local as well as forigne visitors.


Beside this did we have support from the Indonesian Military as well at the marine national park.


We say thank you to all participants for your effort and is looking forward to see you again on another wonderful day on the reef.



Boats for snorkeling, diving and tours are not new in Karimun, but we do something different for the benefit of you and the and the nature.


We provide stabile catamaran boats that give you more space and comfort.


Its construction has a lower draft in the water that makes the beach more accessible.


There is less risk in damaging coral reefs and we require less power that thereby reduces CO2 emission and noise pollution in the environment.